Face to Face

Awards Table

Sponsor a premier awards ceremony

Ground Engineering presents two annual awards where sponsors can access a unique audience of decision makers and key industry figures:

  • Ground Engineering Awards
  • Ground Engineering Next Generation Awards –  NEW for 2014

Providing unrivalled networking opportunities, brand positioning across a multi-platform marketing campaign and in the Ground Engineering Awards winners’ supplement. These are the premier geotechnical awards in the UK.

Attendees: Over 500
Marketing strengths:  Announce and Explain, Contact and Convert


Exhibit at our conferences and network with industry leaders

Ground Engineering's conference and events programme deliver up to date and in-depth information on developments within key areas of the geotechnical market.  

Subjects include:

  • Instrumentation & Monitoring
  • Piling & Foundations
  • Basements & Underground Structures
  • Slope Engineering & Asset Management
  • Ground Investigation & Laboratory Testing
  • Sponsoring and exhibiting at one of Ground Engineering’s conferences is a good way of networking with people working in your key markets.

Attendees: Over 400 per conference
Marketing strengths: Announce and Explain, Contact and Convert


Host an intimate debate with key figures

Roundtable discussion events allow you to network with key figures in the industry and hear first-hand their views on a topic that you choose with the help of Ground Engineering’s editorial team.

A roundtable provides:

  • A small group of 10 -12 industry leaders
  • A chance for representatives from your company to attend and converse, building lasting relationships
  • The opportunity to present your business as a thought leader to your key market

After the event Ground Engineering will write up the discussion for publication in the magazine, ensuring brand recognition.

Marketing strength: Lead and Grow, Contact and Convert


Book a table and explore new business opportunities

With various premier and premium packages available, don’t miss the chance to attend and network at the biggest geotechnical awards night in the industry.

Book a table to:

  • Network with 500 + industry leaders
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Entertain clients
  • Reward your team
  • Meet our expert judging panel

Marketing strengths: Lead and grow, Contact and Convert

Bespoke Content

Partner Publishing

Reach thousands of unique readers

European Foundations quarterly supplement

The quarterly European Foundations supplement, is produced by Ground Engineering in association with the European Federation of Foun­dation Contractors (EFFC), and offers news of founda­tion engineering innovation and project profiles from across Europe.

Benefits of adverts in EF:

  • Supplements sent to all 3000 of GE’s readers
  • Distributed to another 5000 readers across Europe

Your company’s messages will reach a large audience of foundation engineering specialists and industry decision makers.

Marketing strength: Lead and Grow, Announce and Explain


Publish a feature and be a thought leader in the industry

Work with Ground Engineering’s editorial team to develop a feature focused on a subject of your choice, researched and written by Ground Engineering's editorial team to ensure that your message is con­veyed with the integrity of a normal magazine feature so that it reaches a wide audience.

The Ground Engineering editorial team will:

  • Meet with you to discuss the content
  • Research and write it for you before allowing you to review the copy

Marketing strength: Lead and Grow, Announce and Explain

Lead Generation

Solus emails
Whitepaper downloads

Learn more about your current audience

Commission Ground Engineering to create and run a market survey on your behalf and establish your target audience and gain exclusive insight into the marketplace.

Surveys are promoted by Ground Engineering via:

  • Email
  • Online
  • Social media

Sponsors are given the option to host a prize draw and capture data.

All survey results are given to the sponsor including audience demographics. Surveys are written up in Ground Engineering over two-editorial pages.

Typical respondents: 40–300+ depending on topic

Marketing strength: Contact and Convert, Lead and Grow


Speak directly to your target audience

Sponsor a Ground Engineering webinar to engage with a target market and receive immediate warm leads for your sales team to follow up.

Choose the webinar theme and work with Ground Engineering’s editor Claire Smith to select an expert panel that will help you highlight a new product, profile a project or demonstrate an achievement.            

Ground Engineering will promote the webinar across a multi-platform advertising campaign with all data collected by viewers provided to you for your sales team to immediately follow up.

Marketing strength: Contact and Convert, Lead and Grow


Send your own email to the engineering industry

A solus email enables your HTML code to be sent to the New Civil Engineer and Ground Engineering's third party data list. This is the ideal platform to promote new products and services, press releases, white papers or events.

Use solus emails to:

  • Find out who is interested in your product
  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Capture data

Marketing strength: Contact and Convert


Find relevant leads for your company

Utilise the market access of Ground Engineering to promote a whitepaper and receive warm leads from a global audience.

Provide us with content relevant to your target audience in the form of whitepapers, case studies, videos or research and we market it via an interactive mix of channels including:

Whitepapers can build a more efficient sales pipeline and delivers an engaged audience of decision makers.

Volume: 30 – 50 leads

Marketing strength: Contact and Convert, Lead and Grow


Channel Sponsorship

Communicate directly to the geotechnical audience of GE online

As the sister site of NCE, the GE microsite within provides access to the geotechnic and engineering industry.

Online display lets you reach this unique, focused audience directly as they browse our daily content.

Standard ad formats include:

  • Upper leaderboard
  • Top MPU
  • Skyscraper
  • Bottom MPU
  • Lower leaderboard

Marketing strengths: Announce and Explain, Contact and Convert


Maximise the impact to your target audience

The Ground Engineering geotechnical page within NCE – - offers dynamic, creative online marketing solutions that increase interaction and redirect traffic to your website.

Creative ad formats include:

  • Skins
  • Double skins
  • Full page takeover
  • Page peels
  • Double MPU

Marketing strengths: Announce and Explain, Contact and Convert


Become a part of our geotechnical content

Sponsor the geotechnical channel within the website and enable your brand to be seen by everyone visiting the geotechnical content.

Ensure you beat the competition by completely taking over all digital positions.

Sponsorship includes:

  • All ad formats
  • Monthly thought leadership articles
  • Logo
  • Contact details
  • Links to website and more

Relevant content generates relevant clicks on your website.

Marketing strengths: Lead and grow, Contact and Convert


Ground Engineering iPad app

Interact with your target audience daily

The Ground Engineering iPad app provides a unique medium to promote digital and interactive content to a global engineering audience.

iPad app offers:

  • Over 3,000 users
  • Your brochure on the Ground Engineering newsstand
  • Interactive or video content
  • Ability to access your content anywhere in the world

Marketing strengths: Announce and Explain, Contact and Convert


Create dynamic video content

Ground Engineering offers videos of one-to-one interviews with a representative from your company or as a project profile to raise awareness to an agreed issue within the market.

Ground Engineering has a multi-million pound film studio and editing suite to ensure that the resultant video is of the highest production value. Video production includes the production and edit of video content and hosting for 6 months online.

Marketing strengths: Announce and Explain, Contact and Convert


Advertorial DPS

Reach a high volume of readers with your adverts

Display advertising in Ground Engineering helps to build and increase industry awareness of your company’s strengths and capabilities, as well as overall brand awareness. A display campaign in Ground Engineering can have a beneficial effect on the perception of your company in the market.

In total 2,950 copies are circulated every month with a third of the readership based outside the UK.

Print display formats include:

  • DPS
  • Full page
  • Half page horizontal
  • Half page vertical
  • Quarter page
  • Inserts

Position your advertising next to our award winning journalism.

Marketing strengths: Announce and Explain


Make an impact and stand out from your competition.

Our creative print ad formats come in a variety of different formats. Each option will get your brand noticed.

Creative ad formats include:

  • Bellyband
  • Cover Wrap
  • Gatefold
  • Polybag
  • Inserts

Advertising on or around the front cover of Ground Engineering is the ultimate way to make sure your advertising is seen and your brand is recognized before competitors’ and talked about.

Average Net Circulation: 2,590

Marketing strengths:


Be a main feature in GE

Ground Engineering can profile your company’s project against features that we carry in the magazine.

If you have a project which you would like recognised and believe demonstrates your company’s expertise we can profile it in the magazine. You provide the content which sits within the main body of the magazine.

The profile includes:

  • A photo of your project
  • 500 words about the project

Marketing strength: Lead and Grow, Contact and Convert


Gain a competitive advantage with a double page spread

Maximise the impact of your advertising spend by creating an advertorial double page spread that pulls readers into your content. Promote and highlight your company’s project or profile against features that we carry in the magazine.


  • Sits alongside editorial, increasing audience interest
  • Maintains your brand visual alongside editorial content

Marketing strength: Lead and grow, Contact and Convert